Bandgirl's Blog

When other Grandmas are busying baking cookies and knitting booties, I am up on stage playing bass for my husband’s band.  Honestly, I had to leave the hospital when my first Grandson was born because we were late for a gig!  So, this is the adventures of the Silverwing band, from band practices, to stages, to acting like I’m somebody special (when I’m not) to loving every minute.

I’m also on an adventure to see how good I can look and feel for as long as possible.  I eat like a biggest loser contestant (my husband calls me the Calorie Natzi), I run a couple times a week, and do sit-ups in front of the TV at night.  I weight less than I did in 8th grade and I’m chasing that older, glamous beauty, you know, like Sophia Lauren, Raquel Welch, Goldie Hawn.  That well maintained, sexy, mature thingy.  We’ll see how I do!

So follow along on the ride.  This year we have already booked numerous gigs and landed some new venues.  We are playing at an all day music event and learning some iconic rock songs that are going to be a real challenge.  I’ll be sharing stories of the road and the stage.  I hope you enjoy.


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