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This Saturday, me, Mel, Georgina and Brandon ( will be hitting the stage at Boomer’s Bar.  Silverwing is the ONLY band that has a regularly scheduled gig, cause we bring people in and keep them there.  Our band has had the best nights for years.

This weekend could be a challenge. It might end up being our worst turnout because it’s warming up and the barbeque & beer crowd will be busy in the backyard.  After a tummy full of burgers and a case of beer who the heck wants to drive into town and go see a band.

So we might just play to an empty room, but that’s the breaks. It’s not personal, it’s just how the cookie crumbles.

In case of an empty room, first rule, keep smiling, keep looking like you’re having a good time.  Somebody might stumble in and if the band members look like their having a bad time, well then, heck, let’s get out of here.  Next, try something new.  Go ahead and butcher that new song you’re putting into the set list.  Go for it!  A live setting will force you to step up and push yourself.  You can’t stop and go over that lead or tighten up that break.  It’s now or never.  I usually find out that I actually do a pretty good job when it’s on the line. And finally, reach out personally to the folks that are with you.  Talk to them, thank them, include them in the  band jokes, put a personal touch on it.  Go shake some hands and invite them back.  A small, but mighty, crowd can be so much fun.

Well, wish us luck. I’m still gonna do my best, look my best and enjoy every second of the entire night.  I am lucky and I know it.  I am grateful and never forget it. I am blessed and in awe.  Playing music with my husband and good friends is a joy, never to be taken for granted.

I even appreciate an empty room.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Check out my website and tell me how it looks, I know I could improve it.  Suggestions welcome.

You can enjoy our song “Moonshine”

Thanks, Mary Warstler


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