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{February 26, 2015}   From Rhythm Guitar to Bass Guitar

I learned to play the guitar from my brother who was wounded in Viet Nam.  He went out and bought two Yamaha classical style with nylon strings and the wide neck.  I’m showing my age, but it was a large guitar for a 10 year old girl.  He got a couple Mel Bay books and figured out the chords and we started learning a few song together.  It was the time of Cat Stevens, CSNY and Gordon Lightfoot.  Woodstock was happening up the road from our town in NY.  It was magical.  I remember the beauty of strumming each chord over and over till it was perfect, no buzz, no dull, just magic.

I joined the church folk mass group and they were devoted John Denver fans. We perfected arpeggios and daydreamed.  My brother moved up in the world and bought a Gibson Hummingbird in around 1973. Imagine what that would be worth if I still had it somewhere hidden away in a closet, but it disappeared, probably pawned as times got tough.

I took lessons from John Quara, who took me through many books.  He worked professionally in some big band in NYC and I played rhythm to lots of big band music during lessons, not really the direction I was hoping to go. I dreamed of being Judy Collins, so I lost interest.

It was years before I picked up a guitar, many years of college, work, marriage, kids, divorce, loneliness.  I didn’t even have a guitar hidden away in a closet. I just left it behind, but one day I picked it up and amazing things have happened.

I can’t wait to tell the stories that took me from strumming that guitar to playing bass professionally.  It’s become the anchor of my life today. More stories to follow.

Visit our website at  I co-wrote the lyrics for the song “Moonshine” that plays on the home page, pick up our cd at  I play rhythm and co-wrote most of the lyrics.  Yeah, life is good.

Thanks, Mary Warstler


{February 24, 2015}   Silverwing’s ready to gig

We are gearing up for a great year.  We just added a new drummer who is bringing some intensity to the band.  Our set lists are geared to get folks up on the floor dancing.  Just booked a few new gigs at one of our favorite spots, the Ponderosa Saloon, in historic Virginia City and a music festival in Fernley, NV.

Life is good in Silverwing. I’m getting better on the bass everyday.  Today I checked out a video on the bass line to Pretty Woman. Ya know what?  A year ago I turned if off and walked away.  Today I was like “Oh yeah, I’m stepping it up.”  Wait till the band hears me at practice.  Can’t wait.

So if you are looking for a great rockin’ country band for your event in Nevada or Northern California, contact us at  come visit me on twitter also.  I’m ready to chat.

Mary, the bandgirl

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