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{September 5, 2013}   Historic Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City

Silverwing is going to have a great time this Friday night when we get to play at the Red Dog Saloon in historic Virginia City, Nevada.  First off, any time we play any where is a great time, but the Red Dog is a legend in rock-n-roll music history.  Janis Joplin played there along with other rockers of her era.

Now they bring new and upcoming acts to town like Rose’s Pawn Shop and keep the place packed with their great food.  For us in Silverwing it’s an awesome gig with a great stage and high tech sound equipment.  I am not as experienced a musician as the rest of the band and I am even intimidated by the sound check!  I don’t want to show my inexperience before the gig even starts.  Hah, that wouldn’t be real impressive.  So I act cool and calm and try to make an appropriate request, like “Can I have a little more vocals in my monitor.”  That’s good band jargon!

We are pleased to be asked to play this particular weekend, since it Camel Races Weekend and town will be packed. Learn more about the Camel Races at  I guess the camel races are a hoot and when they are over you can visit numerous restaurants or bars for some entertainment.

Whatever you are doing this weekend have some fun.  I will. 


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