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{August 16, 2013}   No gig? What?

Yeah, no gig this weekend. What to do? What to do?

Instead of playing the guitar till midnight on Saturday, we will be DJ’ing a wedding for a friend.  That will be a great experience for our friend and his bride.  Hopefully we can provide just the right background for the friends and family to visit with each other.  If they have a few drinks and warm up, we can get them out on the dancefloor.  A nice slow dance usually gets the couples out on to the floor.

Last wedding we hosted, I made a mistake that ended up starting the party.  I put a CD into the player and was scrolling down to a song that was familiar to me, but I missed it and hit “play.”  Some hiphop dance tune started up in this room full of cowboys and construction workers.  Yikes, oops, too late to undo it.

But a few notes into the song, the younger crowd let out with a hoop and a holler and headed out to the dance floor.  Little did I know it was a some big line dance that everyone knew except for me.  What kind of DJ am I?  I am new to this stuff, but it worked out great.

So even though there is no gig scheduled, we still keep our life filled with music.


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