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{July 21, 2013}   A new “first” for Silverwing

Gigs are all unique.  The location, the crowd, the aura of the day.  Some gig days are tense.  Will they like us? Will anyone show up? Will I remember the chords to my new song?  Some gig days are comfortable, like our regular Saturday gig at our home town hangout.  Piece of cake, no sweat.

Well, yesterday was all adjustment, all day.  First, we had set up questions.  This spot? No too much sun.  That spot?  Not enough electricity.  That spot?  Too far away from the crowd.  Then we have to find that one song which will grab them and get them out of the floor.  That wasn’t too hard with this crowd full of cowboys.  Throw a George Strait at them and it’s a party.  So crowd participation was good.

But it was blistering hot, over 100.  There wasn’t enough water or Gatorade on the planet!  After 4 hours of tearing up the guitar leads, Mel’s hand finally cramped up into a little ball and we had to throw in the towel.  Of course they understood and handshakes all around with lots of atta-boys.  Mel even met one of his fans from his new job at KHWG 750AM.  A lady in the crowd said she had called in with a request just last week and he played her favorite song immediately.  Right on, go DJ Mel.

But the most unique thing that happened yesterday was definitely a Silverwing first.  So we’ve been playing for a few hours, outdoors, under a pavilion on a concrete slab.  We have a few couples on the dance floor swinging to some hopping country song, when I see something start moving across the floor.  It zips to the right, stop, zips to the left, stop, zip, zip.  Wow, by now I’m more than curious.  I’m alarmed.

For an insect, it’s rather large and of course, ugly, sorry, not a bug lover.  So my people are dancing near by as this largish bug is zipping all over the floor, so I step out from behind the microphone and make a display of watching this bug zipping around.  It starts heading for the bass player and he’s busy singing and watching this monster of a bug heading in his direction, when my hero came out of the crowd and stomped it.  We needed a big guy with big shoes for this bug, it was no common bug.  Whew!

When the song ended and we had a chance to look at the big gooey mess, oh my goodness, it was a scorpion.  Not only a big yucky mess, but dangerous as well.

So that is our first for yesterday.  Scorpions on the dance floor.  Sounds like a horror movie.

Mary Warstler is the rhythm guitar player for her band Silverwing.  You can purchase their first CD of original music at



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