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{July 20, 2013}   Rockin Rodeo Party!

Silverwing is very excited today.  Today is the big Rodeo Party where all the local ranch types are coming together for a big barbeque and we get to play music for them.  This is a huge day for our band, since there will be people there who have never heard us play music.  On top of that, there will be out-of-towners attending, so hopefully the folks from Idaho, Utah, and California will be impressed.

We are playing in a long empty meeting room with an adjacent bar.  We’ve played this room before and we definitely need to set up our gear facing the bar.  Years ago we set up in the back corner away from the bar entrance.  Well, we did what we were told, but ugh, we spent the entire night playing to an empty room, since everyone was hanging at the bar.  We still played our best, that is our job, but I love seeing folks dancing, so it was boring!

So today, set up across from the bar, turn down the florescent lights and bring some flashing lights for some attitude.  Party attitude.  No matter how good you play, if you can’t get someone out on the dance floor, it’s just not that much fun for anyone.  I always love the first person who gets up out of their chair and head out to the dance floor, that is the spirit! 

It’s only gonna be about 109 degrees today, ha, so I think it’s gonna be a flip flop and tank top kinda day, oh, that’s got the potential for a song hook.  I’ll have to remember that one.  Plus some cold beverages, if you get my drift.

All in all, today is going to be a great day for Silverwing.  Hopefully we might sell a few CD’s, t-shirts or bling.  If you are interested in our gear, head to our website for our schedule and merch. 


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