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{December 31, 2012}   New Year’s Eve Entertainment

Well here it is.  New Year’s Eve!

Playing NYE can be one of the most important gigs of the year.  It is the Super Bowl of gigs.  It is the pinnacle of the year and you should have the largest crowd of any night that you play all year.  Hopefully!

So, despite the fact that we don’t play until 9pm, there is plenty of action all day long.  First, we are playing 90 miles away, so we are staying over night and we need to pack our clothes, shoes, makeup, bling, etc, everything necessary for the show and the next day.  I picked out my outfit last night; little black dress, a glittery top over it, heels, jewelry.  I’d like to have some goofy thing to wear on my head, like a blingy little tiara.  It’s important to lead the way sometimes and encourage a little fun, wildness, whatever the moment requires.  So that’s keeping me busy this morning.

We need to eat good and feel good.  After stuffing ourselves during the Christmas week festivities, I have been keeping it healthy for the last few days, so today is no exception.  Maybe some whole grain cereal, green tea and if we are still at the house for lunch, I will have a nice salad.  I don’t feel well on a diet of junk food.

Right before we head out, we pack the gear.  I don’t think many people realize the amount of equipment it takes to put on a gig.  In addition to guitars and amplifiers we bring the PA equipment as well.  So it’s microphones, stands, chords, the mixer board, power amplifiers, power conditioners, monitor speakers, PA speakers, and sometimes we even bring lights.  Then there is you personal gear, guitar, stand, amplifier, chords, wireless gear, pedals, and tons of other miscellaneous gadgets.

To rent this kind of equipment and hire someone to run it for you costs more than we usually get for a gig of four hours.  Sometimes I realize we are in the wrong line of work, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So loading that into vehicles (we really need an enclosed trailer) and unloading it, is part of my weekly exercise routine.  I figure it must burn some calories, so that’s how I justify it.  And off we go.

We’ve played this venue twice before, but they were both tough nights to draw a crowd.  The first time was the Friday of the Thanksgiving holiday, ugh, people are home with family or out of town, so we can write that off as a typically poor night.  Then the next time we played was mid-December, but it was the night of the Santa Crawl in downtown Reno, where thousands of crazy drunk people dress up as Santa, or Eleves or maybe Naughty Santa Helpers.  You know what I mean.  It is one of the biggest parties in Reno.   They actually close Virginia Street and take an overhead photo of them and the crowd is huge.  So again, for us….not such a good night in the casino.  But tonight we are expecting a good crowd of fun, crazy, rowdy party animals.  Don’t I have a great job, or what?

So, I don’t have anymore time for writing.  It’s time to put my glittery shirt in the car and head off to have fun for a living.

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!  Visit us at our website and leave a message on our visitor page at

Love, Silverwing and the GuitarChic


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