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{June 3, 2012}   Last night I cr…

Last night I created a defining moment.  Last night is going to one of those evenings that we talk about for a long time.  It all started so inadvertently, but it came together in a great way.

Last month my band Silverwing was playing at our local hangout.  It a great bar with a brand new stage and new dance floor. We play there once a month and have a great following of friends who pack the dance floor.  We play classic country, the new rockier stuff and classic rock.  I play rhythm guitar and I am learning to play bass on a few tunes, so our regular bass player can pick up his guitar and join my hubby for some killer duel leads. 

Anyway, there we are last month, playing Chris Young’s hit, Taking You Home, which is always called the Little Black Dress song, when my hubby turns to me and says, “remember when you and the ladies all used to wear your little black dresses?”    And of course I remember that.  It was a few years ago, when he was playing for another band and I was a band wife, not a playing member and I wore a little black dress one night.  It caused quite a bit of attention and we band wives started a plan to all wear little black dresses about once a month.  We looked hot and we’d turn heads on the dance floor when all four of us were doing the Electric Slide or a Ten Step.  It became a fun night that we looked forward to each month.

So fast forward to last month, I’m up on stage and Mel turns to me and asked me that question, so without stopping and thinking it through, I threw down a challenge.  I said, “Heck Yeah, I remember Little Black Dress Night and I loved it, so next month when we play here I’m gonna wear my little black dress and I challenge, invite, whatever, all of you ladies to join me.  Let’s all get dressed up and look beautiful and hot and have some fun.”

Oh my goodness, little did I know what I started. 

Last night, one by one, here they come through the door.  We’ve got classy, we’ve got naughty, we’ve got biker, we’ve got skin-tight (that would be me) it was just a sea of beautiful women all dressed up and looking amazing.  I was just so thrilled to see the spirit of the evening come together in such a great way.  We played fun music and everyone danced for hours.  We took great pictures of the group of us and we laughed and hugged and shared a really fun experience.

For me, the formerly shy girl who was always hiding in the background, it was definately a defining moment and I hope that it was for everyone else who joined me.



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