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{November 3, 2010}   Silverwing Band CD

The CD of original music from the Silverwing Band will be completed before Christmas 2010.  Been a long time in the making.  Several of the songs have become favorites among our follows, such as Wide Open Spaces which is sweeping ballad about Mel growing up in the west and western values.  All the tracks have been cut and now the editing is being handled by Mel and Trent Parker.  We have one song by Marilyn Patton of Yerington, an original by Jeremy Block, one cover tune and the remainder are originals written by myself, my husband Mel Warstler and our drummer Dave Block. 

The Silverwing Band will be ready to start performing again in 2011.  Practices have been scheduled and new songs will be added to the set list.  If you are looking for a greatcountry/classic rock band for any event in Northern Nevada and California feel free to contact us at


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