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My husband Mel and I have a duo called Brandywine.  We play the same country/western music as our full band Silverwing, but use a drum machine.  Our drum machine is an Alesis SR18.  We have gone through our entire set lists and have listed the best drum pattern for each song out of the internal programmed patterns.  You also have the ability to create your own patterns with the pads, but that is not necessary right now.  In the future we will start to save the patterns and add bass lines, that is going to make improvement in the quality of our sound.  We are very satisified with the Alesis SR18.


{March 9, 2010}   About

I just finished creating my first website, where I will honor beautiful female guitarists.  I want to encourage girls to learn how to play the guitar.  Being a guitar player is fun and a great hobby.  My site needs a little editing, but I am going to add to it all the time.  I plan on adding chords charts to new songs and links to great guitar gear.  Hope you enjoy it.

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